Torquay | Jan Juc | Bells Beach - The Home of Surfing


The water temperatures here at these three great surfing beaches vary from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius in August and rise to as high as 20 degrees Celsius in February March and in November December it is 15 to 17 degrees Celsius. It is definitely wet suit temperatures off the Victorian coast.

The temperature is dependent on the amount of sun and can be cooler than the average after a few days of cloud cover.

For the warmer weather and higher water temperatures a 4/3 mm wetsuit is ideal with 3mm neoprene boots. In the colder months you might like to wear a 5/3 mm wetsuit for longer stays in the water, especially if it is windy.

All three beaches are very popular and can get very crowded, especially when conditions are just right.

Geelong is the closest tide station for all tidal information for all three beaches and those in the Torquay area.

The area boasts many surfing contests each year including state, national and international titles. The most famous is the Rip Curl Pro held at Bells Beach every Easter. Inter club life saving competitions are held during summer and start from the young children right through to adults.

Bells Beach

The exposed reef and point breaks make the surf here quite consistent, although summer weather and conditions tend to flatten the surf out.

The best surfing conditions here are when the wind is from the Northwest and the swell is from the Southwest and when tide is half way to its high point.

The rips that exist here make for a hazardous condition that is best left to experienced surfers when the surf is high.

The closest breaks to Bells Beach are at Point Addis, 1 kilometre, Winkipop, 5 kilometres and Bird Rock, Boobs and Jan Juc are 6 kilometres away.

Every Easter bells Beach hosts the Rip Curl Surf Competition that brings surfers from all over the world to compete.

Jan Juc

The beach here is an exposed break with consistent surf offering both left and right breaks. Conditions are best when the wind is from the Northwest and the swell is from the Southwest. There are good surfing conditions all through the low and high tide ranges.

The rips here can be treacherous and are suited to more experienced surfers.

The closest break to Jan Juc is Bird Rock, Sparrows and Torquay Beach and Point. All are less than one kilometre away. Boobs and Steps are 1 kilometre away.


The beach here is a reef and point break that allows for consistent surfing conditions. The best surfing is available when the wind is from the Northwest and the swell from the Southwest. You can get both left and right breaks here but the rocks and rips need to be watched to ensure safe surf.

The closest break to Torquay is Jan Juc at less than one kilometre away, then Bird Rock, Boobs, Fisherman's Beach and Sparrows are all one kilometre away.