Torquay | Jan Juc | Bells Beach - The Home of Surfing


Jan Juc has only a small neighbourhood shopping centre as Torquay is so close. Torquay is the main shopping centre for this section of coastline that includes Bells Beach.

Due to its association with surfing the area has seen several manufacturers base themselves here, Rip Curl, Quicksilver and Piping hot. These and more shops can be found at the Surf City Plaza in Torquay. This is the main shopping are along Pearl and Gilbert Streets. Other shops are located in Bells Road. There are more shops and cafes along the Esplanade that fronts the beach.

Shopping here is all about the surfer and surfing and there is a huge variety of surfing gear available for you to choose from. Surf City Plaza has outlets for several surfing manufacturers that started out in Torquay. These outlets stock the range of clothing and surfing accessories made by Piping Hot, Quicksilver and Rip Curl. There are also outlets for Gash, Strapper and Rojo, Billabong and many other shops to buy your surf gear from.

Surf City Plaza has a range of shops selling surf boards, wet suits, sunglasses, swimmers and everything you will need for a great surfing holiday in the region.

Nearby is the large shop called Baines Court Surf seconds which sells all surf gear that is classed as seconds at much reduced prices. There is nothing wrong with this clothing and gear it just doesn't meet the required standard for sale in the top shops. Labels might be sewn in crooked or the printing might be crooked but there is nothing to affect the wear quality of the clothes. If you are on a budget and don't want to miss out on a bargain this is the place to go. As Quicksilver, Rip Curl and Piping Hot are factory outlets you might still be able to grab a bargain.

There are also supermarkets, bakeries and many of the well known retailers are located here. The Torquay central farmers Market sells lots of fresh produce in a market stall atmosphere and you can get some great organic produce and coffee. It is just a short walk on to the beach.

Torquay Central shopping area contains over 30 shops and restaurants with a fantastic outdoor area for all of your eating needs.

A great store to visit for surf and lifestyle gear is Patagonia that has a range of Wayne Lynch surf boards for sale. These boards by Wayne are hand shaped and offer a great surfing experience. If you are in the market for a surf board and want one that is not mass produced try one of Wayne's boards. You can also get a wetsuit that is crucial for surfing in the colder southern waters.

Torquay has all of the shops you will need for a great holiday experience on the Surf Coast in Victoria. You can fully equip yourself and your family in the right gear for surfing and swimming and shop for souvenirs and grocery items.